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Hagger Sherry

Larry and Sherry Hager are therapeutic treatment parents that have turned their Arizona home into a place for healing families and children from all over the world. Adoptive and foster parents for over 25 years, the Hagers have specialized in providing hope and solutions to families with severely disturbed children for over 10 years. They coordinate a highly trained professional team providing: respite, long term care, support, support groups and training to families. In collaboration with leading attachment therapists, the Hagers also open their home for families who need an intensive therapeutic environment to help heal.

Sherry Hager is Founder and President of SAFFE, Services for Attachment Focused Families and (S.A.F.F.E.) Environments. Sherry is one of the original certified instructors for Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children, developed by Rose Baker and Nancy Thomas. The curriculum is based on the education, research and experience of Nancy Thomas.

Parenting workshops, seminars, introductory and weekly classes are available for parents, professionals, schools and any other child focused environment. For more information contact:

Sherry Hager

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