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Kimberly brings faith and love to her professional practice. She helps challenging children heal and be the people they were meant to be, starting with her own children from traumatic early upbringings. Kimberly and her husband David have been married for over 20 years and have shared their lives for over fourteen years with challenging children. Her faith-based and caring perspective helps parents navigate through situations and questions they encounter in a situation they never expected to be in. Kimberly feels a calling from God to become a consultant and advocate for parents and children to help them through their very difficult times.

Kimberly can help to regain respect, peace, hope and joy back into your family and home. She is an RN and serves as an advocate and consultant for both parent and child utilizing advanced therapeutic techniques designed by Nancy Thomas. She has been trained to use various, proven interventions in difficult situations with parents and their children that have been diagnosed with specific disorders such as, but not limited to, RAD, ADHD, FASD, anxiety, in-utero drug exposure, ODD and PTSD as well as other adoption issues.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Graduated from Methodist School of Nursing in Memphis, TN in March of 1998 with a RN Diploma
  • Trained as a RTS Bereavement Coordinator to help families move through the grief process of losing a child
  • Provides cradle care for adoption agencies
  • Graduated from Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children Instructors Course by Nancy Thomas in February, 2017
  • Member of a multiple FASD support groups
  • Attended the FASD Awareness Day Proclamation Signing by Arkansas Governer Asa Hutchinson
  • Task force/board member of the Arkansas FASD Support Group
  • Member of a special needs support group hosted by our local church


Kimberly can be reached at:

Phone: 501-269-9798



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