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Eaton Jeannie

Wife, Adoptive Mother of Siblings, Mentor & Friend to Parents of Challenging and Special Needs Children, Jeannie is a Certificated Premier Advanced Parenting Instructor for Nancy Thomas‚ Advanced Parenting Training for Challenging Children.

She and Kyle, her husband of 25 years, have been parenting their adopted children with emotional disturbances since 1992. Currently, she serves as the facilitator for The Parent-Child Connection, the San Francisco South Bay Area support group for parents of challenging children, and volunteers with Help One Child, a ministry to parents of foster and adoptive parents. In 2001 her family participated in Nancy Thomas’s first California Family Camp, a week-long therapeutic camp experience for families with children diagnosed with attachment disorder. Experienced in presenting to groups and facilitating group process for foster and adoptive parents, health professionals, church members, and young adults, she shares practical tools and seasoned advice to equip parents to skillfully nurture their children to become relationally and emotionally healthy adults. Employed as an RN for 25 years, Jeannie brings the perspective of a health professional to the challenges that accompany these children. In addition, she shares her knowledge of navigating the educational system having worked two years as a school nurse in a public middle school advocating for her students’ special needs.

Jeannie’s 20 years‚ experience volunteering with FamilyLife, a ministry dedicated to equip and build strong marriages, gives her the unique perspective of how to make a marriage thrive in the midst of parenting these children and creatively maintain self-care.

Workshops and classes can be adapted to meet your time requirements and audience, including extended-family members and respite care providers.

Persevering in her quest to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others she shares her compassion and vision with weary parents, believing that each child is beautifully and wonderfully created with a future, hope, and purpose.

Jeannie N. Eaton, RN, BSN, BS,
Certificated Bereavement Counselor
Santa Clara, California

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