Marilyn Crawford

Meet Marilyn


Marilyn Crawford, of Georgia, is the mother of seven children and with foster, adoptive and kinship placements had been maternally responsible for over 30 children. She had four children with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) in her home at the same time! She is amazing! She also serves as friend, mentor and confidant for other mothers struggling to parent challenging children and children of trauma. A former foster child herself, Marilyn has an uncommon life story that helps her to relate to both traumatized children and the adults who work to help them heal. She has a special heart! As a home educator since 1991, Marilyn also has a wealth of experience and resources to help optimize educational materials for children of any level, from developmentally delayed to advanced learners.

She is available to bring you powerful tools through coaching or classes.

Jackson, Georgia



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