Meet Scott and Melissa

Scott and Melissa KeebleScott & Melissa Keeble are a clergy couple from Champaign, IL with many years of pastoral counseling experience. Scott pastors a church and Melissa serves as a hospital chaplain. They have been working directly with families for 20 years.

Scott & Melissa’s passion for helping families with difficult children started when they adopted twins, both of whom had Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). After 10 years of struggling with the despair of RAD devastating their family life, the Keebles finally found hope and success through Turning Point Camp, a week long family bonding program. They have continued to develop their skills and education through the Advanced Parenting Institute. They are excited and committed to helping other families learn the tools and techniques to help families heal.

The Keebles have a special awareness of the particular challenges of raising RAD siblings. They also emphasize the importance of developing a community of support around parents of RAD children and helping families find ways to develop that support team. They have also learned the hard way how to help parents keep themselves and their marriages strong in the midst of the challenges of therapeutic parenting.

Scott Keeble (BA, MDiv)
Melissa Keeble (BS, MDiv)
Champaign, IL

Scott and Melissa are so excited to share with you in their 8 week parenting course starting Monday, January 19, 2015! They are also going to include a parents night out with respite care provided for those who sign up.  Imagine, eight weeks of help, support and new tools!! Join them!

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