Tom & Lynn Larkin

Meet Tom and Lynn

Larkin Lynn

Lynn is trained as an Occupational therapist with advanced training in Neurodevelopmental Training and Sensory Integration. Lynn is one of the first certified instructors in Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children developed by Nancy Thomas and Rose E. Baker.

Lynn with her husband Tom have been foster and adoptive parents in their Massachusetts home for ten years. After intensive intervention with her own children, Lynn is now helping other families obtain powerful tools and support to lay foundations for healing their challenging children.

Tom and Lynn provide therapeutic parenting support, trainings, therapeutic respite and do intensives with one of the finest Attachment Therapists around. It takes a team to help a hurting child.

The work that has done to empower families is essential to healing challenging children. We look forward to continuing to lay foundations for healing in the path set by Nancy Thomas.

Tom and Lynn Larkin

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