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McNitt Ann

Ann McNitt is a therapeutic parent for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. She has been trained in neurofeedback and is a certified instructor for Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children. Ann is a registered nurse with a BSN from Michigan State University. In 1991, Ann founded a ministry to provide practical help to women and couples in crisis pregnancies. This program, “What’s That Dresser For, Anyway?” has provided dressers filled with baby supplies for over 5,000 families and has been featured in “Focus on the Family” and other magazines.

Ann believes that parents and children are gifts from God to each other. Many children – whether biological, foster or adopted – present special challenges in their destructive and oppositional behaviors. Ann’s goal is to help abused parents to fall in love again with their disturbed children, and to give parents the tools to become the strong, loving mothers and fathers their challenging children so much need.

Ann and her wonderful husband, David, have been married since 1981. They have six terrific children, four of whom were adopted with severe RAD and a variety of other diagnoses, including FAS. The family lives on a small farm near Lansing, Michigan, with their dogs, cats, parakeets, horses, goats, chickens and a duck named Aflac.

Ann is available for parent trainings, workshops, and seminars. She also sells books, tapes and other materials for equipping awesome parents with the tools for raising their difficult children.

Ann McNitt


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