Debi Delamater

Meet Debi

Delamater Debi

Would you love to stop the chaos in your home? Debi Delamater is a passionate advocate and mentor for families who face overwhelming struggles with the behaviors of their children. She will instill hope that life can be different. These children can heal and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child turn into a respectful, responsible and fun child to be around.

Debi “gets it” as she has lived with children who have had extremely challenging behaviors. She has implemented the techniques and tools provided by Advanced Parenting and has first hand experience with the rewards of hard work. Watching a child grow into a respectful child, who has an amazing future, is beyond amazing!

Debi has worked for over 30 years with children with challenging behaviors. Most recently she has worked successfully with teenagers involved in gangs and drugs in Los Angeles, CA.

She will inspire you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and will help you through your journey using Advanced Parenting.

Debi Delamater


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