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Meet Beth and Kathy

kathy and beth barker

Do you wake up wishing the day was over already? Are you afraid to get your kids out of bed?

Beth and her most loving wife, Kathy, have a passion for helping heal hurting families. It is our desire to walk alongside you, helping you establish peace within your home.

Beth, as a grown adoptee, who raised a child with attachment issues, has a unique perspective and compassion for working with families facing the challenges of RAD, FASD, PTSD, ODD and other childhood emotional disturbances.

Beth earned her BS in Psychology from Eastern University. Professionally, she has held jobs as a Rape Crisis Counselor for Children, Crisis Intervention Counselor for Pre-Teens, Residential Counselor at a group home for individuals with Autism, Juvenile Probation Officer in Camden, New Jersey and Clinical Therapist at a residential program for children with severe behavioral problems.

In 2012, when Beth trained under Nancy Thomas for the first time as part of the intervention team, she realized it was her calling to work with families struggling with attachment disorders. She is now a trained instructor for Nancy Thomas’s Advanced Parenting Academy.

Kathy received her BS in Education and has worked as an elementary teacher, a Student Assistance Counselor as well as an Independent Living Counselor. After earning her MBA, Kathy went into the Information Technology field. After marrying Beth, however, Kathy’s passion for working with children led her to learn more about Reactive Attachment Disorder and join Beth in her passion to help hurting families.

Taking together their combined 50 years of experience, they can provide; training, speaking, in home coaching, phone consultation, and respite for exhausted parents. They are a team in life and in providing support for challenging children.

Let Kathy and Beth help you wake up looking forward to the day with your kids.


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