Corby Tucker

Meet Corby

Corby developed a desire and dedication to working with challenging children after she and her husband adopted two children with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). She also knows the joys and difficulties of working with challenging children after 20 years teaching in the classroom.
Corby earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Disorders, and was inspired to do post-graduate studies in Speech Pathology. Later she furthered her education with post-graduate studies in Theology and Biblical Counseling. She was honored to serve as Dean of Women Students at Westminster Theological Seminary.
Corby’s heart has been focused for many years on children who have suffered trauma during their early years. She continually searches for answers that will provide parents, children, and teachers with the help they need and is certified as an instructor in Advanced Parenting. These courses presented by Corby have been documented to reduce violence and stress and produce a calm and compassionate home and school environment. Corby will teach how to use tools to make you successful as you work with challenging children, particularly those affected by (RAD) Reactive Attachment Disorder.

San Antonio, Texas


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