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Fiona Clutterbuck has almost two decades of hands-on experience working with children whose lives and relationships have been impacted by behavioural, emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma. She was first introduced to the understanding of RAD in 2004 during a training course in Hawaii, USA by Nancy Thomas and was immediately inspired to research and train further.
She has since received a first class BA (Hons) in Psychology, MSc in Attachment Studies and has further trained in Counseling and Family Therapy. Fiona offers private sessions through ‘Door of Hope’ family resource centre in North Hampshire, UK. Fiona has a resolute determination to raise and guide awareness about RAD amongst parents and professionals in the UK. She desires to open a door of hope to wounded foster, adoptive and birth parents who are looking for answers on how to guide their children’s hearts towards full and lasting healing and ultimately fun and rewarding family life and relationships.
Fiona is passionate about sharing the powerful Advanced Parenting techniques to bring restoration of hope, love and laughter to families who have found typical parenting programs to be ineffective.

Fiona Clutterbuck
Hampshire, UK

+44 (0) 7724 393593


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