Kristine Nutter

Meet Kristine

“Perfect love casts out fear”

All of us who love children, especially children who are angry, fearful and hurt, share in the daily experience of those strong feelings and the problems that create those feelings. The daily struggle of loving wounded kids is very hard work. And, as you probably know, love alone is not enough to heal their wounds, redirect their lives and ours, towards respectful, responsible, fun and creative living.

Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children is a great program that includes wonderful tools, very helpful education materials and loving nurture for you, the parents, caregivers, families and teachers of wounded children. The use of this program in your home will definitely help the “good guys” of love, cast out the “bad guys” of fear.

I have both undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work from Christian universities. I worked as a clinical social worker providing psychotherapy and many other services for over 25 years. I have training in EMDR, NLP, family therapy, attachment therapy, etc. I provided attachment therapy for four years, following my training in attachment therapy at Deephaven in Minnesota.

Three years ago, I decided to become a therapeutic parenting specialist and leave the practice of psychotherapy. I realized that parents MUST be in the primary position in relationship to their frightened children and it became my mission to support and educate families, both in their own homes, and, in other appropriate educational venues. I have been continually impressed with the efficiency and rightness of teaching and supporting parents in a therapeutic role with their children.

My own business is named AMMEN for Therapeutic Parents. AMMEN stands for Attachment, Mentoring, Modeling, Education and Nurture. I have provided pre-adoptive attachment education for over 200 families, in-home education, mentoring, modeling and support for numerous families with children from all over the world, education for teachers, graduate students, therapists, culture camps, therapeutic foster parents, parent groups and adoption support groups. I have also authored some of my own material, including “Beside the Still Waters” for pre and post- adoptive families.

I am very pleased to have been chosen by Nancy Thomas to train her well-researched and highly effective programs.

In my personal life, I am the Mom of four excellent adult children, the grandmom of three and the wife of a great man with whom I share a great many adventures and hobbies that include, professional walleye fishing, camping, gardening, music, sports and cooking.

I am eager to meet more great parents and caregivers of challenging children. The most important and meaningful work any of us can do, is to love children.

Kristine Nutter, MSW
1406 E. Seventh
Merrill, Wisconsin, 54452


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